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Sauce Store

Sauce Store

We started making sauces as amateurs in 2010. Our friends and family enjoyed our sauces so much they encouraged us to offer our sauces to the public. We tested several different recipes using a variety of peppers then decided on a line of sauces to produce.

Then in 2014, I attended classes at the University of Georgia Department of Agriculture. I completed the "Better Process Control for Acidified Foods" course and received my FDA and USDA certifications for making and packaging low acid foods.

We still grow our own peppers and spices using only natural ingredients in our products and they are always gluten free.

We make our sauces in a licensed commercial facility, Jake's Cannery in White, GA, in small batches to maintain the flavors that you enjoy.

Try the heat if you can take it, but use caution. This is not your grandma's hot sauce.

The path is hidden, The recipe is secret, The sauce is worth it.

Some sauces are seasonal and may not be available year round. Retailers, ask about our wholesale prices by the case by contact us on the contact page.


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